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Privacy Policy

In addition to complying with all laws, regulations and ordinances related to the protection of Personal Information, we adopt and implement practices for the appropriate handling of Personal Information.

Privacy Administration

We establish clear internal regulations regarding the handling of Personal Information and make these regulations known to all our employees. In addition, we require our business partners and contractors to handle all Personal Information in an appropriate manner.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

Upon acquiring any Personal Information, we will specify the purpose for which that information will be used, make a notification or public announcement of that purpose, and only deal with the personal Information within the scope of that specified purpose.

we adopt and implement practices for the appropriate handling of Personal Information.

We acquire and use Personal Information on customers in the course of undertaking our business as below for one or more of the following purposes. We will acquire separate consent from the individual customers for the purpose of use other than the following.
・The customer consent to rerelease Personal Information on public.
・To satisfy services we consider to release your Personnel Information to the third party such as delivery, transportation, storage, and handling etc.
・Disclosure is required by laws or regulation.


Although information and services on this web site are prepared with utmost care from materials available at the time of posting and based on the judgment of the Company, the Company cannot guarantee the accuracy, certainty, or efficacy of the posted content. The company bears no responsibility for any damages accruing to users from the use of this information. The information posted on this website is information as of the time of posting, and is subject to change without notification thereafter.

Verification of Identity

For customer in person, we will verify the identity by following method.

1 Callback procedure to the phone number of the customer registered to us.

2. Inquiring of information of the customer registered to us.

For customer by proxy, power of attorney is necessary and we will verify with certificate of seal impression or callback to the customer etc.


If you have further question or concerns about Personal Information, please contact us:

5-7-51 Okaidominami, Ishinomaki, Miyagi 986-0856, Japan